Crypto currency Bitbon which will change the world! 

BITBON Crypto-Currency will change the reality of the financial market

Обеспечение имущественными активами!

Которые реально можно проверить 

Прогнозируемая криптовалюта Bitbon ! 

Использование криптовалюты Bitbon уже есть понятным и прогнозируемым


Provision of property assets 
Provision of property assets 
In the Bitbon System, the key services are those that allow you to keep records, exchange settlement funds, attract financing and enter into safe deals. All transactions in the Bitbon System are instantaneous and irrevocable, and its operation is based on providing all participants with unified interfaces for the direct management of their property rights to Assets identified in Bitbon.
Blockchain Registry 
Blockchain Registry 
One of the main elements of Blokchan's functioning is a network of interconnected hardware-software complexes, each of which contains memory and a processor. An example of such hardware-software systems can be: a personal computer, a smartphone, a dedicated server, a tablet computer and other types of devices.
&nbsp;Forecasted &nbsp;currency Bitbon<br>
 Forecasted  currency Bitbon
 The use of Bitbon's crypto currency is already understandable and predictable, and this gives users clear and predictable results because it is predetermined by the terms and obligations of each Bitbon Public Contract, which is an important element of an integral part of its capitalization. 
                                       Prospects for Bitbon 
Promotion Customer Partner
Promotion Customer Partner
This action enables our customers to become a partner and be an integral part of the BITBON program and to participate in its development because the basis is laid part of the profitable cooperation between the Company and our partners 
Launching the Exchange
Launching the Exchange

Capitalization of BITBON as a result of the creation of public contracts will facilitate the rapid attraction of investments. What is already observed today. Yesterday the rate was two times lower.The launch is scheduled for February.


BITBON connection of online stores and trading platforms&nbsp;
BITBON connection of online stores and trading platforms 
Now selling or buying from BITBON will be much easier and safer anywhere in the world. Now your operations will be recorded in the Blockchain registry in the form of records, and these records can not be deleted or changed or somehow influenced by them  
NoteBon application<span style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">&nbsp;</span>
NoteBon application 
In the near future, the Mobile NoteBon application will be available using which you will get convenient opportunities for selling, transferring, crushing and controlling your BITBON crypto currency. It will also be convenient to monitor the funds on the exchanges quick access and a way of communicating with other users of the BITBON system 
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The owner of Asset-certified Crypto-currency Bitbon receives advantages in terms of guarantees - high liquidity of this financial instrument with respect to another crypto-currency, which is not based on providing real Assets.

Business is not an easy thing.

People can promise you gold mountains, but until they sign a contract, it means nothing.The Bitbon Exchange section has been launched.

                                                 Новости Bitbon 
Public Distributed Register (BLOCKCHAIN ) is a sequential chain built from the established rules of the generated transaction blocks. In this case, each subsequent block of this structure contains information about the previous block, thus, on the whole, the chain stores the entire history of the committed transactions.
Pre-sale of BITBON certificates is open
Pre-sale of BITBON certificates is open
 BITBON certificates can be purchased through authorized official partners.
Patents all over the world
Patents all over the world
The company has registered patents all over the world.