Exchange Bitbon
Bitbon Exchange
 BEFORE THE START OF THE OFFICIAL EXCHANGE Bitbon on this page, the Bitbon Exchange can publish requests for purchase or sale in a private way exclusively by Bitbon.In order to publish a request for the sale or purchase of Bitbon you need to contact us, through the feedback ticket, at the very bottom of the page, in the contacts section write the text of your application and your contacts, the moderator will add your application within 5 minutes to the Bitbon Exchange page , Or call us on the specified phones.If your application is completed or completed, write to us on the feedback ticket and the moderator will change the application status on the Bitbon Exchange page.


Николай  +380631542210  50  куплю   50 Bitbon 2 $  активно 
Ольга  +380971948095  100 продам 100 Bitbon   3 $ активно 
Валера  +30679061450  1000 куплю Bitbon в любом колличестве  2,5 $ активно 
Кристина  +380986770951  9786  куплю Bitbon в любом колличестве  2,6 $ активно 
Святослав  +380672555515  500  продам 500 Bitbon 3 $ активно 
Павел  +380667720606 9000 Продам Bitbon в любом количестве 2,9 $ активно