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 The investment attractiveness of Bitbon lies in its definition as the unit of measurement of property rights to Assets. Bitbon has an unprecedented property

 - the opportunity for each participant of the Bitbon System to determine the share of its property rights to Assets. The basis of Bitbon is the basic principle of forming its value, based on the cost included in the Different types of Assets and prospects for their development. One of the objectives of the Bitbon System is to attract investment capital through the creation of Public Contracts Bitb On. The use of Bitbon as a tool for investment is understandable and predictable, as it is predetermined by the terms and obligations of the current Bitbon Public Contracts. Each new investment is directed to further development and increase of Bitbon's Assets. Assets can include: real estate, bank deposits, machinery and production equipment, securities, patents, trademarks, know-how, stakes in statutory funds and other companies, shares in various projects with legal entities and individuals and other values ​​having Investment importance, which contributes to the capitalization of Bitbon and the growth of its value. In order to maintain the relevance of economic information on the current state of the Assets, the Company plans to regularly reassess Assets and attract Competent auditing companies, followed by public publication of the results and statistical information for all participants of the Bitbon System. Taking into account the fact that Bitbon capitalization will grow due to the management and development of existing Assets and the acquisition of new assets with a high potential for their growth, there is no doubt , That Bitbon is the best investment decision and a legitimate way of preserving and multiplying capital.