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About the Bitbon System

The Bitbon system is an international system for secure digital transfer of property rights to Assets. In the Bitbon system, the key services are those that allow you to keep records,

 exchange settlement funds, attract financing and enter into safe transactions. All transactions in the Bitbon System are instantaneous and irrevocable, and its operation is based on providing all participants with unified interfaces for the direct management of their property rights to Assets identified in Bitbon. The Bitbon system is intended for use in the financial, legal, economic, rights management On Assets, performance of evaluation of property rights to Assets, transfer of property rights to Assets of various types, including: movable and immovable property, m Machines and equipment, bank deposits, copyrights, financial instruments, securities, know-how, trademarks, stakes in statutory funds and other companies, shares in various projects with legal entities and individuals and other values. One of the main advantages of the System Bitbon is to increase the efficiency and functionality, security, fault tolerance, reliability of storing information on property rights to Assets by optimizing the system of property rights management for Assets and Applications Innovative software and hardware solutions. In addition, in the Bitbon System, an increase in the transparency of the transfer of property rights to Assets and the management of property rights to Assets through the provision of the possibility of free access to the Public Distributed Register Property rights to Assets for data reading by Users. Separately, it should be noted that in the Bitbon System it is possible to automatically record all transactions with property rights to Assets by recording in the Public Distributed Register (Block) .1 Assets are property owned by the User, including: real estate, bank deposits, machinery and industrial equipment, securities, patents, trademarks, know-how, the share in the authorized funds and other companies, interests in various projects with legal entities and individuals, Bitbon other Custom of Tell and other tsennosti.2 Record transactions - the process of saving a group of transactions in the Public Registry distributed (Blokcheyn) and securing all transactions with each Bitbon in the special structure of blocks, each of which contains information about the previous bloke.3 Currency - any product that can perform the function money in the commission of the exchange of goods on the market within the country or internationally rynke.4 public contracts Bitbon - a digital document that defines and regulates the scope of use Bitbon, as well as all products and operations that could t be applicable to Bitbon. Bitbon public contract may determine the procedures and conditions Bitbon release, Bitbon transfer rules repurchase procedure Bitbon the user, as well as a reference to the method of valuation of assets.