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 The security of Bitbon digital transmission is based on the absence of any motive in the unlawful (against the will of the owner of Bitbon) of Bitbon withdrawal due to the 

inadvisability of its use in the future, since the mechanism of the Bitbon System allows to establish the complete transaction history and the identity of the User1 at each stage of the Bitbon motion with the definition of legitimacy . All transactions in the Bitbon System are instantaneous and irrevocable, it also implements algorithms for multifactor authorization of access to its Account2. The list of authorization levels is determined by the User when registering with the Bitbon System. To ensure the security of Bitbon transactions, User verification mechanisms are implemented. Fixing all operations with each Bitbon in the Public Distributed Registry (Block) allows to guarantee the reliability of data saving. Selecting transaction confirmation options allows the Bitbon System User to protect his Account from unauthorized persons by adding confirmation mechanisms depending on the purposes and type of Bitbon transfer. In case of loss Access to its Account, each member of the Bitbon System, thanks to implemented algorithms of multifactorial authorization, will always be able to regain control over its An account is a user, that is, a person, a participant in civil and other legal relationships (the bearer of rights and obligations), or the Company (a legal entity registered and operating in accordance with the requirements of the jurisdiction of which it is a taxpayer) (A different kind of company consolidation, registered and functioning in accordance with the requirements of the jurisdiction of which it is a taxpayer) .2 The account is a collection of data about the User , Necessary for its authentication (authentication) and provision of access to its personal data, settings and functionality of the system.