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The financial system

 is a form of organizing monetary relations between all the subjects of the reproduction process in the distribution and redistribution of the aggregate social product. 


any product that can perform the function of money when exchanging goods on the market in the country or on the international market. 

 Cryptography is the science of methods of securing confidentiality (the impossibility of reading information to outsiders), the integrity of data (the impossibility of imperceptible changes in information), authentication (verification of the authenticity of authorship or other properties of the object), as well as the impossibility of renouncing authorship.Derivative financial instrument is an agreement (contract) by which the parties are entitled or take an obligation to perform certain actions with respect to the underlying asset.


 cash, securities, other property, including property rights, other rights, such as, for example, the right to transfer rights expressed in Bitbon, and having financial value invested in objects of entrepreneurial and / or other activity in To obtain profit and (or) achieve a different useful effect.Investing - placement of capital for profit; Investment of investments and implementation of practical actions for profit and (or) achievement of other useful effect. 

 Assets are property owned by the user, including: real estate, bank deposits, machinery and production equipment, securities, patents, trademarks, know-how, stakes in statutory funds and other companies, shares in various projects with Legal and natural persons, Bitbon of another user and other values.Property law is an absolute subjective civil law that provides an opportunity for its owner to draw useful properties from the most individually-defined thing (things as such) in order to satisfy their own interest.Audit - the procedure for independent verification and evaluation of the reporting, accounting data and activities of the organization, as well as the system, process, project or product. 

 Crypto currency 

is a digital asset, accounting for which is decentralized, and cryptography is used to ensure the consistency of the chain of transaction blocks in the Public Distributed Registry (Block). 


 is a digital derivative financial instrument possessing all the properties of a crypto currency issued by a company or a group of persons with the aim of attracting financial resources for the implementation of promising projects or acquiring Assets for capitalization, where cryptoactivity acts as an instrument guaranteeing the identification of the owner of a cryptoactive asset with fulfillment of the issuer's obligations to the crypto agent. 

 Digital value 

 Asset (property and other values), expressed in the form of an alphanumeric identifier and registered in the Public Distributed Register (Block).The Crypto-Currency Exchange is a high-tech center in which all trade transactions are conducted on the basis of modern computer software, which allows exchange participants anywhere in the world to buy, sell and exchange certain crypto-currencies for other currencies or currencies of other countries.The account is a collection of user data necessary for its authentication (authentication) and provision of access to its personal data, settings and functionality of the system. 

 Authorization of access 

granting to a certain person or group of persons the rights to perform certain actions; As well as the process of verifying (confirming) these rights when trying to perform these actions.Public Distributed Register (Block) is a sequential chain built from the established rules of the generated transaction blocks. In this case, each subsequent block of this structure contains information about the previous block, thus, on the whole, the chain stores the entire history of the committed transactions. 

 The transaction hash is a fixed-length number that is mapped to data of arbitrary length in such a way that the probability of the appearance of different data with the same hash would tend to zero, and it would be hard to recover the data on their hash.Transaction record is the process of saving a transaction group in the Public Distributed Registry (Block) and fixing all operations with each Bitbon in a special block structure, each of which contains information about the previous block.

 Crypto-value Bitbon

 is an integral system of properties, which in its essence determines the uniqueness of a financial instrument, which is a perfect measure of value and allows to determine the value of any property, performs all functions of a crypto currency and includes the properties of a cryptoactive, carries an organizing process, as it is a key component of the System Bitbon, which allows each of its participants to profitably and safely exercise their right to own and dispose of such a value, which is based on the absolute potential Development of a global socialПереводчик Google для бизнеса –Инструменты переводчикаПереводчик сайтовСлужба "Анализ р