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Protection from spam bots in the form of graphic captcha is a thing of the past 

Protection from spam bots in the form of graphic captcha is a thing of the past 

XEvil is able to recognize over 8,400 types of images (captcha) at a speed of more than 100 images per second. The implementation of this tool has opened a completely new page in the development history of the complex. The recognition technology allows you to read text, numbers and symbols with high accuracy even on the most distorted and noisy images - regardless of their size, font and difficulty level. In addition, the complexity of the captcha does not affect the recognition speed (~ 0.01 sec).

XEvil is a simple, fast and flexible tool for automating text recognition on noisy images (OCR). The program almost completely replaces services such as AntiGate (Anti-Captcha), RuCaptcha, DeCaptcher and others. In this, significantly exceeds them in recognition speed ( 10 times or more) and is absolutely free.


Numerous recognizable types: more than 8400 

Size: unlimited Fonts: no restrictions

Language: Latin, Cyrillic, numerics 

Arithmetic: supported

Remocharity: unlimited 

Distortions: without limitations For recognition, the most advanced neural network technologies are used. 


The supported image types are listed in this list: here Flexibility: due to the fact that the functionality in XEvil is implemented using the Lua scripting language, you can customize the program for your tasks, for example: add emulation support for some new recognition service, implement customization of interaction with any application, implement your own logging or debugging module. Ability to add support recognition of the desired type of image 


Protection from spam bots in the form of graphic captcha goes to the past. These captures have been recognized for many years recognition services, as well as a variety of programs (both paid and free). You can endlessly complicate, customize the captcha on your site - but this is the way to go inside. The fact of having CAPTCHA will rather repel the visitor (and possibly your potential client!), this is an outdated approach to protection from robots, which in 2-3 years will go to the past, with the introduction of more advanced systems of user authentication.Today's sites have been protected from spam bots for a long time, using the following tools, which we recommend to you: 




Crypted JS-protections


 It is enough to spend ridiculous 20-30 minutes (for a layman - a maximum of 24 hours) in order to reliably protect the site from robots , without resorting to such repulsive to normal people means, as complex graphic captcha.