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 The Crypto-Currency Exchange is a high-tech center in which all trade transactions are conducted on the basis of modern computer software created on the basis of the latest

 information and technology solutions. The emergence of new forms and types of currencies, in particular crypto-currencies, has led to the rapid development of the global economy as a whole. In turn, structural changes in the international economic system served as an impetus for the emergence and development of new types of exchange technologies. Thus, there appeared crypto-currencies exchanges that allowed its participants in any part of the world to buy, sell and exchange some crypto-currencies for other currencies or for currencies of other states. Each exchange of crypto-currencies offers convenient methods for transferring digital assets to customers, and also provides the opportunity to conduct transactions on their terms. The high rates of development and expansion of crypto-currencies, which are based on the Blochein, as well as the wide recognition of the world community and leading economists, ensure further improvement Exchange technologies. This means that in an effort to provide the most comfortable conditions for their clients, each exchange will generate crypto currency for an increasingly higher quality level of service.