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Bitbon- integrated system features, defining inherently unique financial instrument, which is a perfect measure of the cost and allows you to determine the value of any property, performs all functions cryptocurrency and includes properties kriptoaktiva carries the organizing process, as a key component of the system Bitbon, which allows each of its participants to profitably and safely exercise their right to own and dispose of such a value, which is based on the absolute potential p zvitiya global social importance in all spheres of public zhizni.Fundamentalnye principles underlying the interaction of all components and properties Bitbon system based on transparency and a decentralized system upravleniya.

Concepts that underlie the determination  Bitbon  


 The functioning of the Bitbon System takes place without a supervisory authority that performs centralized intervention in the system. 

When Bitbon is moved in the System, there is no effect or influence from outside on the process. Everyone can become a member of the Bitbon System, regardless of their location or residence.   


 Distribution of Bitbon promotes growth of business activity of the population, which will increase revenues from tax collections to the state budget. The development of the Bitbon System along with high ethical standards and principles of honest business conduct in general creates favorable conditions for the emergence of high-tech business, which in turn enhances the quality of social life.  


 Transparency of the management process in the Bitbon System, keeping the complete transaction history in BlockBox allows you to determine the misuse of Bitbon. The security of digital transmission Bitbon is based on the absence of any motive in the unlawful (against the will of the owner of Bitbon) withdrawal of Bitbon due to the inexpediency of its use in the future.  


digital document that defines and regulates the scope of use of Bitbon, as well as all products and operations that may be applicable to Bitbon. The Bitbon public contract can define the procedures and terms of Bitbon issue, Bitbon transfer rules, Bitbon redemption procedure for users, and a link to the Asset Valuation technique.  


 Improving the functionality and reliability of storing information on property rights on Assets by optimizing the system for managing property rights to Assets and applying innovative software and hardware solutions; Creation of a convenient and effective digital way of redistribution, transfer, accounting and management of property rights to Assets, identified in Bitbon.  


 sequential chain built of certain rules from the generated transaction blocks. In this case, each subsequent block of this structure contains information about the previous block, thus, on the whole, the chain stores the entire history of the committed transactions.  


 The property in a legitimate user of property, including real estate, bank deposits, machinery and equipment manufacturing, securities, patents, trademarks, know-how, the share in the authorized funds and other companies, stakes in various projects with legal entities and Persons, Bitbon other users and other values. 

    DIGITAL VALUESAsset (property and other values),

 expressed in the form of an alphanumeric identifier and registered in the Public Distributed Register (Block).       


 Digital derivative, has all the properties cryptocurrency emitted by the company or a group of persons in order to attract financial resources for the implementation of promising projects or the acquisition of assets for the purpose of capitalization, which is an instrument kriptoaktiv guaranteeing kriptoaktiva owner's identification with the fulfillment of the obligations of the issuer to the bearer kriptoaktiva.   


Any product capable of performing the function of money in the performance of exchange of goods on the market within the country or on the international market.   CRYPTOGRAPHY 

 The science of how to ensure confidentiality (inability to read the information to outsiders), data integrity (inability to silently change the information), authentication (authentication of authorship or other properties of the object), as well as non-repudiation.   


 Digital asset account which is decentralized, and to ensure the immutability of the transaction chain units distributed in the Public register (Blokcheyn) cryptography is used.


  The Bitbon system implements algorithms for multifactor authorization of access to its Account. In case of loss